DuraBand is already on its way towards revolutionizing the industry of progressive resistance training. Why? REHABILITATION. DuraBand generates new revenue for the facility in a variety of ways: 1) DuraBand saves facilities the money they are currently spending in giving away therapy bands. 2) DuraBand gives the ability to utilize several CPT codes to significantly boost profits. No matter what type of treatment the patient is receiving, physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, orthopedic care, in home health, or other medical area, DuraBand Exercise Kits will help the patient to progress to better health.
RETAIL SPORTS KITS - Act now to distribute DuraBand to retail buyers and distributors of all types.
We understand this is revolutionary thinking, but once you understand the extraordinary uniqueness of DuraBand Exercise Kits, you will know why thousands of facilities are going to switch to DuraBand and DuraBand Exercise Kits.
Now is the Time! We are a growing company seeking eager sales associates to grow and expand with us. Our goal is to become the number one elastic band company in the world.
Becoming an Associate is as Simple as 1, 2, 3.
1. Review the DuraBand web site in its entirety.
2. Contact For You Inc. to receive a marketing portfolio and your IBI sales number.
3. Set up accounts in your area and begin collecting your commission check on a monthly basis.
It's that simple!
Bring on other representatives for For You Inc. and multiply your commissions exponentially.
Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or a working medical professional, if are looking to make extra recurrent income, become a part of our vision while opportunities exist in your geographic region.
By representing DuraBand, you will truly secure a steady income for the future, while working at your own pace. All accounts are handled with integrity.
How For You Inc. Works For You!
1. Performance Based Incentive
2. Helps start your DuraBand Sales
3. Building Your Account Base
4. Growing your business
5. No risk
6. Work Directly With The Corporate Office
 To begin representing DuraBand and DuraBand Exercise Kits, contact For You, Inc. at 800-860-2228.
Performance Based Incentive
For You, Inc. is a performance-based business venture that rewards people in direct proportion to their effort. The bigger the financial goal, the more time and effort a sales associate will need to put into his or her development of accounts. Within the For You, Inc. structure, a sales associate can work as much or little as they like.  Income is based directly on the sales associates accomplishments.
Starting Your DuraBand Sales
How do you begin? First, contact For You, Inc. at 800-860-2228 to obtain a DuraBand marketing portfolio that contains all the materials you will need to get started. In addition, you will be given an IBI associate number, which will be used to track your sales records.
Building Your Account Base
Facilities who have evaluated DuraBand Exercise Kits have realized their vast benefits over the traditional six-inch elastic bands. As you present DuraBand Exercise Kits to facilities, you can be guaranteed that your income growth will begin as they switch to DuraBand. Your new sales accounts will be labeled with your IBI sales number. Once you have established an account, its yours for as long as you continue to service that facility or business.
Growing Your Business
Like any other business, your DuraBand sales accounts need occasional input and follow up to ensure continued growth. However and whatever your goals, you control how quickly you build your business and how much effort you put into growing your sales. As a consumable product, a little effort in the beginning can go a long way in the end. Reap the benefits over and over as reorders pour in.
No Risk
You bare no risk in this endeavor. All facility orders are sent to the corporate office (located in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA) under your IBI number. Orders are directly shipped by the corporate office straight to the facility. All you do is establish the account, continue to call on it on a periodic basis, and await your commissions. Plus, our satisfaction warranty on DuraBand Exercise Kits shows the confidence we have in our products.
Work Directly with the Corporate Office
Anyone starting in For You, Inc. gets in at the same level. This is not a multi-level marketing approach. All sales associates work directly with the corporate office. Each new sales associate has the same opportunity for product distribution and growth. Although, if a sales associate is able to secure other sales associates for For You, Inc. additional sales incentives will be realized directly by you. This can quickly lead to exponential growth.
Over time, your sales accounts can grow tremendously with minimal effort while your established accounts remain in place to produce commissions for you as long as you continue to represent them.