Factory Fitness with Broc Hepler merges science and sport and is the only moto cross specific training DVD backed by qualified sports medicine professionals. This DVD includes in-depth training techniques and nutrition advice from respected experts in their fields.  Never-released, unique training exercises target key muscle groups used in moto cross.  In addition to increasing strength, flexibility and endurance, these exercises improve balance, coordination and proprioception.

Factory Fitness with Broc Hepler stresses workout efficiency so you can spend more time on your bike, improving and perfecting your riding skills.  The Dura-Band MotoCross System is light, portable and provides resistance for the novice to the expert. Each Training Kit provides 0-80 pounds of resistance. Great for riders for preparing for strength, cardiovascular, balance and functional training better than any gym equipment can provide. This system was designed specifically for MotoCross by top medical professionals and is used throughout the Broc Hepler training video. It is great for pre race warm up or for riders who simply want to continue their exercise program while traveling.

The training video was filmed at the top-ranked, state-of-the-art University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Center for Sports Medicine, this moto cross training program is designed for riders of all levels. This workout can be performed anywhere, making it a perfect training regimen for moto cross athletes who travel.

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