Dura-Band exercise kits are light, portable and provide resistance for the novice to the expert.  Each Travel Kit provides 0-60 pounds of resistance. Great for people who don't have time to go to the gym or who simply want to continue their exercise program while traveling. The Dura-Band Fitness and Travel System fits easily into your luggage and attaches just about anywhere in your home, hotel room or office.

Further Media:

Posture and Spine Drills Exercises
Thoracic Lumbar Spine Exercises
Flexibility and Travel Exercises

Can't Get to the Gym?

Stay at Home Moms - Dura-Band exercise systems are great when time and child care issues are a concern. Exercise when you want, as long as you want in the privacy of you own home. Work Out in Your Office - If you need a quick workout or want to exercise a little all day. Dura-Band sets up just about anywhere. No clanking weights and plenty of resistance!