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Sports & Fitness


Teachers - Looking for a fun, safe and exciting way to teach your kids about flexibility and strength training? Look no further. DuraBand exercise kits and programs are perfect for Physical Education and Wellness classes.

Coaches - On the field and off, these kits are designed by top medical professionals to decrease sports related injuries and improve athletic performance.

To play any sport, you must have a sufficient degree of muscle strength and flexibility. DuraBand is easy to use and provides a safe, effective way to improve strength and build muscle. 

Example: Baseball & Softball

Most Baseball and Softball injuries occur from overuse or overstrain of various muscle groups and ligaments. The most common injuries in baseball and softball are elbow and shoulder injuries. Typically, these occur with throwing activities and swinging motions. Exercises designed to combat tissue breakdown and improve muscle function for sport specific movements are what make DuraBand Sport Specific Training Kits so unique. These exercise programs were designed by top Sports Medicine Medical professionals who understand the biomechanics, injuries and performance inhibiting weakness found in the throwing athlete.

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