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Improve Your Baseball Skills this Upcoming Season with DuraBand

With Baseball Training underway and the season in sight, there is no better time to improve upon your game with DuraBand! In today's blog we will look at the 8 benefits to using DuraBand's Baseball Trainer equipment to take your Baseball skills to the next level!

1. Has proven medical science behind it – The University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Facility performed an independent study with 160 AAU players ranging in age from 9 –19 years over a nine-week period with two 1-hour sessions scheduled each week.  Using the Dura-Band® Complete Baseball Trainer as their key component, after only nine weeks players had:

Velocity increase in range of 2 MPH to 14 MPH, with the overall average of 5 MPH
Experienced less arm fatigue
Decrease in post-throwing soreness
Recovered faster after throwing
Core strength increased on sides, increasing bat speed and power.

2. Dura-Band® – Attaches to both the Dura-Band® Baseball and Durabat® to create the resistance that allows both of these products to provide their amazing benefits.  Dura-Band® is a design patented resistance band that uses a unique layering process that binds multiple layers together, forming a tough resilient band that is one-inch wide and thicker than traditional six-inch elastic resistance bands.  It is also different than tubular or six-inch wide resistance bands as it comes pre-attached with a specially designed clip and band-adjuster.  The clip and band-adjuster allows two important features to take place:

a. It allows Dura-Band® to easily clip onto a wire fence or to D-Ring of Attachment Strap.  

b. It allows the player to simultaneously use more than one band, as well as adjust any band for an endless number of resistance levels quickly and easily.

3. Dura-Band® Baseball and Dura-Band® Softball – These patented adapted balls are worth their weight in gold.  Nothing on the market today or in any gym creates resistance throughout the entire throwing motion including at the wrist snap and release of the ball like the Dura-Band® Baseball and Dura-Band® Softball.  Due to its non-rotating ball design resistance is placed on the wrist and forearm muscles which by strengthening helps prevent all types of elbow injuries.  Rotator cuff injuries decrease also as the player simulates their own unique throwing motion with resistance, targeting their specific muscles used in the shoulder region.  This targeted overloading of the wrist, forearm and shoulder muscles can only be duplicated and created by strengthening with the Dura-Band® Baseball and                    Dura-Band® Softball.  

4. DuraBat® – This patent pending adapted baseball bat is revolutionary and provides training that has never been available before to hitters.  The unique design of the DuraBat® improves a player’s performance by:

Increases core muscle strength
Increases strength in wrist and forearms.
Increases strength in lower and upper back quadrants
Decreases rotational injures
Increases power at impact
Increases bat speed
Assists in alignment of hips, torso and wrists through functional movement pattern.
Ensures hands roll over at impact
Assists swing path is kept on correct plane
Ensures correct grip is being used

5. Proprioception training – Through using Dura-Band® and the accessories contained in each Training System, pitchers and hitters will improve their balance, a key for maximizing their performance. 

a. For Pitchers – will directly influence their ability to throw strikes and to accelerate through the throwing phase, which affects the maximum velocity they can throw.  

b. For Hitters – Helps to improve the players weight transfer during hitting, a key area to hitting that goes untaught much too often. 

6. Increases compliance – Countless numbers of coaches have reported that anytime a player regardless of their age or level of expertise can perform their conditioning exercises while using the ball of their sport, compliance to perform their exercises increases. The Dura-Band® Baseball, Dura-Band® Softball and DuraBat® not only increase compliance, but increase the quality of the conditioning as the player is specifically overloading the exact muscles they use during their throwing and hitting motion. 

7. Can be used by players 9 years of age through professional athletes – Each Dura-Band® Complete Baseball and Softball Trainer comes with four Dura-Band® resistance bands.  The bands vary in resistance from light, medium, heavy and super.  Resistance can be varied further by adjusting the length of each band or using two bands simultaneously.

8. Can be used outdoors or indoors – A Dura-Band® resistance band comes preassembled to a specially designed clip and band-adjuster so there is no tying and untying of knots.  If outdoors, simply clip the Dura-Band® onto a wire fence.  If indoors create a fixation point from almost any door by slipping the Dura-Band® Exercise Handle behind the door, then close the door with the D-Ring protruding. A safe and easy fixation point is created and is adjustable to best suit the player’s height.  Or, use the attachment strap to create a fixation point from a stationary and secure object.  

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