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Basketball Conditioning using DuraBand

DuraBand is proven to improve strength and speed in all areas of sport. In Basketball, conditioning is a key strategy to remaining competitive amongst players. In today's blog we look at the exercises you can use with DuraBand Products to increase your power on the court!

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Strengthen Your Shot

You can't score without perfecting your shot! By attaching DuraBand right above the knee you get a resistance exercise that can be performed anywhere, on-the-go or on-the-court. Use varies degrees of resistance to level-up your shooting strength.

Improve Passing Skills

Improving your passing game is crucial in team sports like Basketball. Using our Basketball Training Kit it is easy to use resistance to strengthen your pass speed and accuracy.

Prevent Injury

As with all physical activities, preventing injury is a priority. By using DuraBand's proven systems, you can strengthen your joints and muscles to endure increased activity. 

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