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The Benefits of Resistance Training

If you are thinking of starting training with a DuraBand product it's great to know how many amazing benefits there are! In today's blog we look at some of the key benefits to resistance training with DuraBand.

1. Mobility

Resistance band training is a very effective exercise which can be done anywhere. On the beach, in your office, on a boat, in a small apartment, etc. As opposed to big bulky training equipment, resistance band equipment can be tucked away when not being used.

2. Continuous Tension

A main advantage of resistance band exercises is the ability to provide continuous tension throughout the full range of motion. With free weights there's always some part of movement when you don't work straight against gravity.

3. Improved Speed

Linear Variable Resistance means that the load progressively increases as the range of motion increases.  One of the benefits of this is that the number of muscle fibers that are being used in the exercising muscle increases. The more muscle fibers used, the greater the muscle strength that can be achieved with the training program.

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