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What Is DuraBand?

DuraBand is a revolutionary new elastic exercise band. Its sleek, one-inch width and straight length design make it unique and less cumbersome to use. For You, Inc. has its manufacturer use a layering process that allows DuraBand to be made thicker than traditional six-inch elastic exercise bands. By binding multiple layers together, a tough, resilient band is formed, one of greater durability, hence the name DuraBand. This layering process gives DuraBand far more resistance to edge tears and pinholes, which lead to the rupturing of the entire band.

DuraBand Facts

DuraBand - Elastic Exercise Bands

 Ease of Use
 Ease of Adjustment
 Gradual length/strength elongation curve
 Less allergic
 Zero to minimal powder residue
 Variable resistance levels

Success Stories

Great for conditioning!

The Dura-Band baseball is non-rotating, increases arm strength and is great for overall conditioning.

- Kevin Orie

Amazing Results!

It does more for you than a regular gym can. It's great for conditioning to increase leg drive to break tackles and overall conditioning.

- Darnell Dinkins Pro Football - Baltimore Ravens